biCHptd Belle's Rising Star O'Betterways, TT aka Star
May 3, 2000 ~ May 9, 2013
sire: GV.NS.abiCH Zion's Endeavor of Betterways dam: bCH.Ptd.Betterways Belle of the Ball

Star is my first Shiloh that I gave as a birthday gift to my late husband, Armand, who passed in November 2002 . She was a funny puppy, always jumping in the shower with me. She has enjoyed being my shiloh ambassador at the Providence and Boston Pet Expos and in local parades with my dance students.

She was a very mischievious little girl and developed the reputation of "the smoothie with the tilted halo". She would never let me take a shower without jumping in and loved to shred paper off the coffee table, she was full of antics that were endless. She was a miracle therapy for her human dad who spent endless energy taking us to doggie classes, and doggie shows. She was a devoted companion to her human and would always seem to alert me in subtle ways when her dad was becoming ill and would end up in a hospital stay.

Star has a very special spot in my heart as she was my only salvation when her human dad suddenly passed away back in 2002. Poor Star just lost her zest and her halo straighten out in this time period. I now see that halo tilting as she is once again returning to her antics that make me laugh even when she is shredding paper off the coffee table. She was my inspiration to become active in the Shiloh Shepherd world and thus I began the SSONE Chapter-Shiloh Shepherds of New England-need I say more. Of course now you all do know that Shilohs are like "lays potato chips" I am sure by now you have seen us use that expression.

Star is a light brown sable with a smooth coat. She was well on her way to a great show career, never failing to bring home those Best of Breed (BOB) ribbons. I have retired Star to be my closest link to my soul mate, Armand, and to be my best friend.


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