Through my research for a healthy diet I have concluded a raw diet best suits my dogs. I was led to the search after discovering that one of my "girls" had an intolerance to kibble, beef and grains. My internet search led me down the path to "raw feeding."

I would like to share some of the knowledge I have learned regarding raw diets and also reccomended books and links to assist you on your own search, education, and conclusions. A dog's digestive system is no different then his wild conterparts, the wolf. A dog's teeth is meant for ripping and tearing raw meat and bone. The dog is not designed to chew and digest a cooked, grain-based food. Commercial dog food is cooked and, therefore, low in the nutrients that promote good health. All the natural enzymes are lost. Vitamins have to be added back artifically along with chemicals, salts and sugars.

Excessive protein intake during growth produces skeletal problems. According to veterinary knowledge, the gene factor causes 20-40% of most juvenile bone disease. This leaves other factors responsible for a whopping 60-80%. These factors include what a pup is fed and how it is exercised, according to D.r Ian Bilinghurst.

Grow Your Pups With Bones by Dr.Ian Billinghurst
Switching to Raw by Susan K. Johnson
Raw Meaty Bones by Tom Lonsdale
The Ultimate Diet by Kymthy Schultz

Raw Feeding for Cats & Dogs
Raw Fed Pups
Basic Raw Food for Cats & Dogs

There is also a list that compiles many other lists that focus on raw feeding. Many of these forums are breed specific, location specific or subject specific.

BARF: Raw Feeding Email Lists



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