I bought my first shiloh, Star, as a special birthday gift for my husband, Armand, who suffered a debilitating stroke in 1993. Armand was an inspiration to anyone who met him, as he fought his way back to leading a productive and fullfilling life despite the many challanges. I never knew just how compitable we were together until 1997 when he suffered kidney failure and was in need of a transplant and I was a match and was his donor!

For Armand's birthday in 2000 I took him to the airport to pick up his special birthday gift whom we named, Star. He became the devoted "shiloh dad". Star was equally devoted to her "dad" and became increasingly sensitve to his illness and decreasing health.She would beome increasingly alert and protective when he was about to go through a bad time. She would cuddle and not leave his side, a few days prior to each hospital stay.

I hope you enjoy the photos of Star and her "dad"

Armand & Star at home
getting ready for a parade

Relaxing in Harrisburg
PA before a show

Star enjoying her first snow
with "Dad"

Armand manning the Shiloh Booth at the Boston Pet Expo
"the devoted Shiloh Dad"




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